Hilltop Face Painting

Covering the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, Qld.


Catering to your needs, whether you need a face painter for children, adults, pure glitter eyes, glitter tattoos, themed designs or water resistant face paint.

Children's Face Painting

  • Fast designs for busy event.

  • Detailed designs for birthdays with all the trimmings ( gems, extra arm/neck/shoulder painting, lipstick, glitter tattoos).

  • Water resistant face paint, great for pool. parties, dancing, super hot days and for smudge-proof designs.

   Adults face Painting

  • Delicate eye designs, neck/shoulder/arm designs.

  • Pure glitter eye designs.

  • Water resistant paint great for dancing and smudge-proof designs.

  • Personal bookings for longer detailed designs.

Face Painting Party Bags

Cute hemp bag filled with face painting goodies,
  • mini face cloth with mini soap in pocket
  • temporary tattoo
Optional extras,
  • mini mirror
  • glitter gel/creme
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Hilltop face painting offers a skilled and professional service with high quality painting, hygiene and equipment, blue card, PLI and diploma of graduation with International Face Painting School.


Face painting

minimum 2 hours (exceptions-10 people or less)

                            -$80 per hour

Face painting for 3 hours or more

                                                     -$70  per hour

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